Jordan Schmidt is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Associate Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association, movement teacher, and a farmer in the Hudson Valley, New York.  She has spent a decade working with organic farm systems and is fascinated by the parallels in the ways that our own bodies fall out of balance and how they heal.  She is passionate about supporting and restore foundational health in the face of a world and healthcare system that often make it difficult.

Her interest in nutrition and healing {in using food as foundational medicine} began as early as she can remember.  She has always been curious about biological processes and the complex balance between what makes us sick and what helps us to be well.  Growing up with chronic asthma, allergies and digestive issues she was aware that her body responded to diet, stress, and environment.  However, she was often missing the tools to handle anything but the most significant symptoms – and those were handled by using strong medication and the misleading dietary information offered by popular media.  

At the end of a long farming season, in her mid 20’s, she came down with a nasty gastro-intestinal flu and struggled to recover.  This initiated years of worsening digestive issues, persistent co-infections, hormonal problems, and nagging fatigue.  She propped herself up with frequent snacks and coffee to make it through the intense seasonal work, learning to handle a baseline of discomfort and pain.  She was diagnosed with IBS and was advised to supplement with fiber and take more medication, which only served to make her feel worse.

Her healing journey was gradual, but transformative.  It compelled her to endless hours of research & self-experimentation.  Using dietary changes that combine ancestral knowledge and modern science, specific high quality supplements, and important lifestyle modifications she has truly changed her own health.  She no longer relies on asthma or allergy medication, nor does she suffer from debilitating digestive distress. 

The tangible process of healing her own body and respect that she has gained for the complexity of how our bodies work, led her to pursue a nutritional counseling certificate with the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2014.  Building on an undergraduate degree in science, the course allowed her to solidify the foundational knowledge needed to help others understand dysfunction and regain their health.  Jordan is also a certified yoga instructor who teaches with attention to alignment and functional movement.  She continues to study nutrigenomics & methylation therapies, herbalism, and the microbiome.

When she’s not working with clients or instructing for the NTA, Jordan moonlights in growing herbs, foraging food, and geeking out about pasture on the grassfed dairy she runs with her partner.  She is  am now thrilled to offer the kind of practical, personal, supportive whole-person care she wished for as she was navigating her own healing journey.