Meredith Kinsel-Ziter is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and an Associate Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association.  Meredith’s previous professional background in cardiology, fetal medicine, and research gave her the framework to look at the body as a whole organism, rather than a series of parts.  

She grew up in Kentucky & Ohio with family roots that are deeply rural, farm-oriented, and connected to the land.  As a child, she assumed that everyone was acquainted with the singular joy of riding atop a tractor seat with his or her grandfather, the sweet and dripping bite of a tomato straight from the vine, and dinner table discussions of which varieties of beans and corn had the best flavor. 

Her long-standing passion for both food and science led her in a number of dietary directions over the years, which took every form from vegetarianism, to veganism, to raw foodism, back to being a conscious omnivore. 

After becoming a mother, she began to understand health in a different way.  In the years that followed, her run-ins with illness included insulin resistance, chronic fatigue syndrome, celiac disease, SIBO, heavy metal toxicities, and a genetic mutation known as MTHFR C677T {which affects the body’s detoxification pathways}.  The lessons she took from these struggles- years of feeling broken and bewildered, and then climbing my way back to the top- gave her the clarity, resolve, and empathy that make her the practitioner she is today.

She began her practice in the scenic Burlington, Vermont area in 2013.  It quickly evolved to focus on chronic conditions, drawing from a passion ignited by her own long history of health struggles.  She went on become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and to further train in the fields of nutrigenomics {the study of how our genetics affect our nutrition needs} & methylation therapies, herbalism, and natural movement practices.

In between mothering her 3 girls, her busy wellness practice, instructing for the Nutritional Therapy Association, soaking in the sun on her sailboat, and devouring good books & delicious food, she is also training to become a Mindfulness Meditation coach and a TRE (tension & trauma reduction exercise) provider.  She is beside herself with excitement to be a part of changing the story for clients struggling with the heartbreak and frustration of chronic illness.